Excel Add-in Integration


  1. Install the ScriptLab Excel Add-in from the marketplace.

  2. Once installed, click the Code icon and then click Import in the side pane.

  1. In the Import section, copy the contents from here and click the IMPORT button.

  2. Trust the script and click Register.

The Lineups function will now be available in your spreadsheets.

Download lineup template(s)

  1. Download the correct DraftKings lineup template for the sport, competition style, and start time that you'd like to generate lineups for.
warning:  LineupGen is only compatible with classic contests hosted by DraftKings at this time.

Generate lineups

The LineupGen function should be available if you start typing =SCRIPTLAB.LINEUPGEN.LINEUPS().

note:  Your token is available in your account dashboard once you log in.

Function Parameters
Parameter NameTypeDescriptionDefaultOptional
tokenStringToken from your LineupGen accountno
players*Range of cellsPlayer data for competitionno
sportString"CFB", "GOLF", "MLB", "MMA", "NAS", "NBA", "NFL", "SOC", "TEN"no
numNumberNumber of lineups to generate. If omitted, num = 1.1yes
min_salary_capNumberMinimum total cost of each lineup. If omitted, min_salary_cap = 0.0yes
max_salary_capNumberMaximum total cost of each lineup. If omitted, max_salary_cap = 50000.50000yes
show_total_costTRUE/FALSEShow total cost for each lineup. If omitted, show_total_cost = FALSE.FALSEyes
multi_teamTRUE/FALSEPlayers from more than 1 team are required in each lineup. If omitted, multi_team = FALSE.FALSEyes
multi_gameTRUE/FALSEPlayers from more than 1 game are required in each lineup. If omitted, multi_game = FALSE.FALSEyes
*Required column headers

The players data must include the following column headers as the first row:

  • Name + ID
  • Name
  • ID
  • Roster Position
  • Salary
  • Game Info
  • TeamAbbrev

These column headers are included in the lineup template.